A Journey of Hope

Welcome baby Aidan

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Aidan was born at 9:30pm on September 9. He is a healthy little boy! At birth he weighed 6 pounds, 3 ounces, and was 19 inches long.

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  1. Great news. Congratulations!

  2. Many many blessings for your family!

  3. Congratulations.

  4. Congrats Hope!! He is absolutely adorable!

  5. Congratulations, Hope! Very best wishes to you and your family.


    He’s sooo cuuuute!!!

  7. Woo Hoo! He’s a beauty !!!(as we say here in Oz)
    Way to go Hope!
    Congrats to you and hubby.

  8. I am so very very happy for you. I have been following all your posts just waiting for the joyful news. Aiden is truly blessed to be joining your family and I wish you all the best! Just remember to take those cat naps when you can.

  9. Congratulations. :)

  10. This is wonderful news, I am so happy for your family. Welcome to Aidan!

    Hope, would it be ok if I post these pics? I don’t want to violate your privacy, but I would love to include a pic in a post announcing Aidan’s birth.

  11. Oh Hope, I am so happy for you. I know firsthand the joy and relief that a woman who has had losses feels on getting that baby home., and I’m so happy that all has turned out well. Aidan is a beautiful boy, and he looks so alert. I wish you and your husband many years of joy with him.

  12. Thank you all!

    Susan, you can post the pictures. :)

  13. Congratulations!
    Aidan is a beautiful little chap!

  14. Congratulations!! Let the fun begin! :)

  15. Congrats, Hope. You have been blessed, and you are going to be a fantastic mom.

  16. Thank you everyone!

  17. Hope,
    Oh, congratulations! Here’s a very warm, long hug from cyberspace to all of you, and especially Aidan.

  18. Congratulations, Hope! So so so happy for you. What a beautiful baby boy.

  19. Congratulations! He is beautiful and I’m so happy for you all!

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