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The second baby

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Yesterday I had my 36-week checkup along with a non-stress test. My mother-in-law picked me up and came with me to the appointment. Everything went smoothly, and we got some good news.

Our baby boy was mostly relaxing and sleeping during the non-stress test, so the technician woke him up with a noise buzzer, which caused him to startle and make a big jump, and my mother-in-law marveled at the reaction. The technician remarked, “He certainly has good hearing!” I loved the reaction and how active our boy is.

At the clinic I finally got to see my regular OB doctor again. She is a busy lady, but I really like seeing her. She has such a wonderfully calm and reassuring demeanor, and she is obviously whip-smart as well as caring.

My bump was measuring right on for size, and my doctor mentioned that the baby’s head is very low in my pelvis. She checked my cervix and said that it is soft and about a finger dilated, which are all great signs that my body is getting ready to give birth.

My mother-in-law said that I would probably have an easier time since I am less “raw” than I was last time, and this would be my second. My doctor said, “Second babies are the reason why there are third babies.”

Yes, little Aidan will be our second baby. I had been dreading 36 weeks since that was when Liam had passed away, and I still won’t breathe a sigh of relief until I can hold a healthy and kicking Aidan in my arms. All of the signs have been encouraging, though, and I am allowing myself a bit of hope, to daydream about what life will be like with our second baby.

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  1. I love the name Aidan! I am so happy to hear that all is going well. I hope you will post pictures!

  2. Great News Hope. Lots of positive thoughts.
    My mother told me that most of the babies on the family come earlier than doctors predict and this one is definitely desperate to go out, so we might share the birth month! I hope that doesn’t bother you! :D

  3. Great news, I am happy to hear it.

  4. Anacaona, I just want a healthy baby. Don’t care about dates or months. :P

    I’ll definitely post pictures. :)

  5. @Hope

    I am so happy you got good news, and I’m confident that things will turn out just fine. I’m guessing we’ll be seeing pix before too long.

    Aidan is a lovely name.


    First babies tend to be late; later babies tend to be earlier (and bigger too).

  6. First babies tend to be late; later babies tend to be earlier (and bigger too).

    Except that in my family first babies come early too. I was born two weeks before my due time and I’m the firstborn as all my siblings did. I hope you are right of course but I’m not trusting this one, not one bit.

  7. @Hope
    I’m sure you will be having your healthy baby in a few days time.

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