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Life is good, albeit very busy. Our little Aidan is growing steadily, up to almost 8 pounds at the 2-week visit with the pediatrician. He is almost gaining weight a bit too quickly, perhaps because of some reflux.

Now that my mother-in-law is no longer staying with us, I’ve been doing just about everything on my own, except for a brief period of time when my husband is home in the evening.

The issue of feeding has been worked out, so now it’s onto sleeping. Aidan has had his days and nights mixed up, so on Monday night he was basically up for 7 hours from 1 to 8AM. I’ve taken the past few days to try and train him to recognize the difference between day and night. It seems to be working judging from the last two nights, when he slept in 2-hour stretches and was at least not up all night.

My husband and I haven’t had much time to ourselves, but we sneak some quality time here and there. One time while we were cuddling, I mentioned to him that his ears and nose seemed to have grown really big, and that his face also looked huge. He replied that my face also looks big, but that he wasn’t going to say anything. I guess we’d been looking at Aidan’s tiny little face for so long lately that in contrast, we both just look gigantic.

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  1. The bit about you both thinking how big each other’s faces are is just hilarious! Yes, I think you DEFINITELY have become accustomed to looking at tiny baby features!

    It sounds like you are finding your way nicely through the early fog of parenthood. Glad to hear all is going well.

  2. So happy to see how happy you are. I check in every once in a while to see your updates an am always pleased.

  3. Thank you melbo and Been There. :)

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