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The past week has seen a lot of change. Aidan went from fussy and crying all the time to calm and not noisy at all most of the time. I went from pumping half an ounce total to consistently 4 ounces! I’m like a human milk-making machine, putting out more than he can eat, although he does have a voracious appetite, so the fact that I’m ahead is a good thing.

My husband has gone back to work, and we have settled into a new routine. My mother-in-law who is here until October 1 has been helping watch Aidan during the day. I sleep whenever I can and watch the baby through the night, snoozing on the couch in our living room. The living room has turned into the new baby station, and we have not been using the room we had set up to be Aidan’s nursery at all. He hasn’t even been inside his crib once! I heard that could be the case with newborns, but until it became reality, I thought it was somewhat silly. I totally get it now.

I’m glad to be living in a day and age when so much technology have become available to help our day-to-day lives. I may be tethered to various electronic devices, but my computer, smartphone and other machinery are life savers. Starting from before I got pregnant I had been keeping track of my menstrual cycle with an app on my Android phone, and during the pregnancy I would keep various notes and read information from my phone.

Now I use my phone to time feedings, record volume pumped, and of course there is the indispensable Medela pump that we got while I was half manic and half depressed about the feeding situation. Things have definitely turned around since then. Aidan is eating very well and likely gaining a good amount of weight. I’ve given up on directly breastfeeding because Aidan likely has a tight frenulum which is causing his improper latch. He even fussed at the bottle that required a proper latch because he couldn’t make it work. We then tried out four different bottle systems before settling on the Playtex nurser.

So far, we’re transitioning pretty well to parenthood. Aidan has us well-trained to cater to his needs, and we’re training him to be on more of a schedule. I just hope things continue to be smooth and wonderful.

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  1. Gosh Hope, I just can’t get over how much your posts remind me of the birth of my older boy–down to being camped out in the living and not using the nursery (which for us turned out to be a huge waste of time and money). Do you use a bassinet? I did for both boys until they were too big to fit at about 6 months old. The mutual training process made me smile. It’s amazing how well a baby can teach you to parent…and how quickly.

    You are doing a phenomenal job with the pumping. Four ounces is terrific! Do you know that you can freeze the extra milk you make? I had a cache of frozen breastmilk for occasions that I might be called away in an emergency.

    I promised myself that I wouldn’t make any unsolicited comments about breastfeeding and would leave you in your MIL’s good hands, but I would feel remiss if I didn’t pass on this info about tongue-ties:



    Even if you’ve definitely decided not to attempt to get Aidan on the breast, you might want to look into correcting the tongue-tie. I met one mom years ago at LLL who had her baby’s issue corrected. When she asked the ENT who did who treated her son why he had the problem in the first place he told her it can be hereditary. It turned out that her DH, upon examination, was also tongue-tied. The doctor treated him, and later that day she got her first French kiss from her husband. He hadn’t been able to extend his tongue far enough before that!

    Anyway, continued good wishes to you and your family. It’s a pleasure reading about Aidan’s growth and progress.

  2. I had the Medela too. It was very helpful.

    I’m so glad you are enjoying your new son. These early days are such an intense but beautiful time that you will look back on fondly in years to come.

  3. Thank you melbo. I’m taking lots of pictures to try to remember this time. :)

  4. Belated congratulations on little Aidan. If turns out “alpha”, I’m sure he’ll be a good alpha. All the best!

  5. More pics soon?

  6. Thank you Megaman!

    J, I’ve posted some more pictures. :)

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