A Journey of Hope

Full term and end in sight!

Baby, Hope

I’m now 37 weeks and full term!

My mother-in-law and I just came back from a clinic appointment and non-stress test that went really well.  My induction date is tentatively set for this weekend, and we’ll be hearing from my doctor as to whether it will be Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  That will be nice because my husband wants to have the weekend and not worry about work, and I will be nearing or basically 38 weeks.

I’ve been having a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions, feeling the baby push down, and a lot more pre-labor symptoms. At the checkup today though, my cervix is still 1cm dilated and only 30% effaced, so not quite as ripe as we thought I was, but not completely unready either. But I’m mentally prepared for a longer and more difficult labor due to the induction, and I still plan on not being medicated if possible.

Everybody is super nervous, anxious and excited. This weekend we got some more stuff for the baby’s room, decorated a bit more, and I packed some more stuff into the hospital bag. We also ordered a new digital camera, the Sony RX100, which is reputed to have great picture quality for a small size. It should arrive today, and I’m also looking forward to that.

I’m super stoked thinking about having our baby this weekend!

Update: I am scheduled for Saturday at 5:30 PM! There’s a likely chance it would go into the next day, which would be September 9th. Also, the camera is quite awesome. Very exciting stuff!

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  1. Good luck and many blessings! :)

  2. Thank you Anacaona! :)

  3. I just found your blog a few weeks ago and you’ve been in my thoughts. I wish you a beautiful birth that ends with a healthy mama and baby. I’ll be sending extra Good vibes to you this weekend! :).

  4. Thank you Angie! :)

  5. Hi Rose,

    I didn’t want to post this in the blog entries about Aidan. I don’t want to rain on your good fortune.

    But Oreo died today. He got bit by a possum a few days ago and I’ve been trying to take care of him. Yesterday I took him to the vet and they prescribed anti-biotics. When I gave him his pill today he died from it. I called the vet and discussed it and they said that the stress of giving him the pill was probably to much and that he must have had pneumonia or problems with his lung or heart because his end symptoms did not indicate choking.

    Obviously you don’t have to reply to this or anything but if you could find it in you to say a few words for this little soul (privately) I know it would be appreciated. I wasn’t even going to post this here but something kept nagging me and telling me that I should. I did my best to take care of him and I am very sorry to lose him.

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