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Choose love over fear

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I saw this today and thought it was worth sharing. The author is Kimberly Giles at www.claritypointcoaching.com.

  • I am a unique, irreplaceable, incomparable soul. My value is infinite and absolute. I know who I am. I am not a perfect person, but I’m right on track in my process of growth and learning. There is really nothing to fear. I am a student in the classroom of life. I am bulletproof, and no one can diminish me without my permission.
  • My life is a classroom, not a testing center. I am here to learn and grow. Every experience is a lesson (not a test) and my value (as a unique, irreplaceable, incomparable soul) never changes. This experience is serving me with lessons which bless my life and teach me things. Every person I meet is there to show me something about myself and help me grow. Some of these teachers don’t stay in my life forever. I choose to be grateful for each lesson.
  • I will choose to experience each situation in trust and love. If a person is the right one for me, it will work out. If they aren’t the right one (or are only meant to be with me for a while, to facilitate a lesson) then it won’t work out, which will leave me open for another one. Either way, I am fine.
  • There is nothing to fear. I can meet people and socialize without any fear. I can do this because I understand who I am and the nature of life. When I let go of my fears, I can start giving, loving and edifying others.
  • Sometimes another person will like me more than I like them. I will kindly tell them the truth. I will do this honestly and kindly. I will not attach fear around this experience or feel guilty for it. The universe has brought this perfect experience to both of us. This person will process through their disappointment and learn something from it. I must let them experience this however they choose.
  • If I make mistakes, I will own them, apologize and focus on better behavior in the future. I won’t beat myself up for mistakes because they are lessons, and they are helping me become a better me.
  • Everyone is afraid they aren’t good enough. This fear and insecurity create all kinds of bad behavior. Fear makes people brag, boast, criticize and judge. People do these things because they are scared about their own value. This is immature behavior, but I don’t let it hurt me. No one can hurt me without my participation.
  • When other people behave badly, it’s not about me. They are learning their own lessons. Most bad behavior is a request for love. I recognize this and give people validation and attention whenever I can. I spend my time asking questions and listening to other people to show them I care about them. Listening to them is the deepest way to show another person they are valued. I choose to treat people with love and respect.
  • I do not have to participate in negative, hurtful or destructive conversations. I can remove myself or change the subject. I can guide conversations by asking more productive questions.
  • There are times when it might make sense to defend myself (from a place of strength and love), but most of the time I just ignore bad behavior. I see it for what it is and refuse to give it power. When I feel it’s appropriate to address bad behavior, I handle it with love and respect. I will not cast blame and accuse. Instead, I will focus on the behavior I would appreciate in the future.
  • No matter what goes on around me, I get to choose my inner state. I have the power to choose how I will feel in each moment. There are only two choices, so this decision is simple. I can either choose a state of fear, where I feel insecure, uncomfortable, inferior or unsafe, or I can choose a state of optimism, trust and love. I choose optimism, trust and love.

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