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A walk of bonding

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Our house is right next to a large park, which has a nice, long and paved walking trail. When the weather is decent, we sometimes take walks along the trail in the evenings. Last night, we took a walk along the trail. It started out with both of us being half-hearted about it. The sun […]

How do I love thee?

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Susan wrote, “I’d love to hear you talk about what it feels like when you fall in love, and how you show it. How do you let the guy know? What is different about your behavior? Are there ways you let the guy know you love him other than saying it?” What does it feel […]

The Power of Voice

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A good voice is incredibly attractive to me. I think it is the thing that first attracted me to my husband. I didn’t know what he looked like; he just had a “sexy” voice. It wasn’t particularly deep. It was just mesmerizing to me. A person’s voice conveys a lot about personality and demeanor. My […]

Men do want relationships, but only with the right woman

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Bb wrote a great post on the three l’s a girl can do to be attractive. SayWhaat commented that she already does those things, but still can’t seem to get a guy into a relationship. She blames this on her lack of relationship experience, and I responded: Lack of relationship experience doesn’t matter. Lack of […]

On marriage and divorce

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If you really want equality between the sexes, you have to make it truly equitable. Right now the laws regarding marriage and divorce are not, in most cases. The men’s rights folks in the manosphere may be unpleasant to listen to, but they speak about harsh reality on the ground, and smart women would do […]


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Some people are pro-love in the same way drug addicts are pro-drug. New love produces the same cocktail of neurochemicals as potent drugs, and those players keep seeking the next new high from “love.” In these cases, “love” is more about seeking their own pleasure than truly loving and giving to another person. Certainly they […]

Selfishness, altruism and revolutions

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The following are reposts of some comments. Maybe sex plays a role in civilizational decline. However, the Han and Tang dynasties in China didn’t die out because the lords and emperors didn’t have access to harems. They did, but according to history the palace eunuchs had helped play consorts and empress clans against each other, […]

Energetic needs

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During the day I get antsy if I don’t have at least a few non-smalltalk conversations. That is why I am on forums and blogs, to talk with different people and get exposure to different people and ideas. I also read blogs that feature the latest cultural happenings in China, as I feel that it’s […]

Game and non-game

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My husband doesn’t think about relationship game much at all. His mind is usually elsewhere. He researches politics, education, history, science, spirituality, and other obscure information. For work he programs in a mathematical language to do highly technical analysis, and he thinks about that, too. I like hearing about the stuff he’s interested in, but […]


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In every culture there are those who see through the veil. It used to be very rare. Now, with the Internet and decentralized communication, more and more people are becoming aware. But it’s those who want to be aware, who seek knowledge, who long for truth, that really receive these messages. And to begin to […]