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To my baby

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I wish I could find a way to tell you how much I love you, my sweet and precious little baby. Someday, when you become a parent yourself, you will also understand. Until then, you probably won’t know just how much I cherish you. People say that having a child changes you. I never knew […]

Five hundred words

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Forgiveness comes with understanding, enlightenment, and love. Lots of love. You, too, are a beautifully flawed human being. You, too, cause needless suffering in others. You are sometimes cruel. But you exist, and you have consciousness. That is an amazing thing if you step back and realize it. Nobody is perfect. Not you. Not me. […]

Light and Love

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The following are from emails that my husband sent me Your letter is exceedingly insightful! You are absolutely right. I want so badly to see you NOW but.. for you, I can wait. Some part of me has been waiting to be ready for you my whole life. Waiting another month to stare into your […]

Choose love over fear

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I saw this today and thought it was worth sharing. The author is Kimberly Giles at www.claritypointcoaching.com. I am a unique, irreplaceable, incomparable soul. My value is infinite and absolute. I know who I am. I am not a perfect person, but I’m right on track in my process of growth and learning. There is […]

A boy!

Baby, Hope, Life, Love

We just came back from the appointment and the detailed ultrasound. The baby is a healthy boy! The growth is right on target, the organs look generally good, and the placenta is a little close to the cervix but not covering it. My husband, our mom and I are all really happy. It feels so […]

A walk of bonding

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Our house is right next to a large park, which has a nice, long and paved walking trail. When the weather is decent, we sometimes take walks along the trail in the evenings. Last night, we took a walk along the trail. It started out with both of us being half-hearted about it. The sun […]

Feeling baby move?

Baby, Love

I’m currently 16 weeks or 4 months, and my belly is getting more noticeable, at least to me. Over the past week or so I’ve been feeling little flutters off and on, and I’ve been wondering if it is our baby moving. Every time it happens my heart skips a beat. With Liam, I only […]

How do I love thee?

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Susan wrote, “I’d love to hear you talk about what it feels like when you fall in love, and how you show it. How do you let the guy know? What is different about your behavior? Are there ways you let the guy know you love him other than saying it?” What does it feel […]

The color blue

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No one can tell you you’re in love. You just know it. Through and through. Balls to bones. A person who has not yet experienced love and asking for a description of love is more or less like the blind asking a sighted person to describe the color blue. The color blue can be defined […]

The Power of Voice

Love, Men & Women

A good voice is incredibly attractive to me. I think it is the thing that first attracted me to my husband. I didn’t know what he looked like; he just had a “sexy” voice. It wasn’t particularly deep. It was just mesmerizing to me. A person’s voice conveys a lot about personality and demeanor. My […]