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A mind to heal

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This is an awesome TED talk about how your beliefs can affect your body, and how your mindset about stress can make it either deadly or helpful to your health. As I’ve written previously on the power of thoughts and beliefs, I feel that we can heal ourselves and each other with a change in […]

Thoughts on thoughts

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Hope, Life

I have been in a bit of a slump lately. I have been harboring this deep sense of boredom or dissatisfaction, and I know it is all internal. Externally and objectively, everything is great. Aidan is no longer sick all the time, he is growing and developing well, and he is almost a year old. […]


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Here are some thoughts that might help you, as they have helped me. Think of the world as a giant classroom. We are here to learn lessons, and the things that happen are the result of our own choices and the choices of others. Some of us are more advanced and further along in our […]

Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator Speech

Hope, Life

I found two versions of this speech, and found it to be a beautiful message for the new year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHEhrvuVCHw (Set to trance/electronic music) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FMNFvKEy4c (Set to Inception theme music) Transcript: I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be an Emperor. That’s not my business. I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone. I should […]

Light and Love

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The following are from emails that my husband sent me Your letter is exceedingly insightful! You are absolutely right. I want so badly to see you NOW but.. for you, I can wait. Some part of me has been waiting to be ready for you my whole life. Waiting another month to stare into your […]

Choose love over fear

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I saw this today and thought it was worth sharing. The author is Kimberly Giles at www.claritypointcoaching.com. I am a unique, irreplaceable, incomparable soul. My value is infinite and absolute. I know who I am. I am not a perfect person, but I’m right on track in my process of growth and learning. There is […]

Full term and end in sight!

Baby, Hope

I’m now 37 weeks and full term! My mother-in-law and I just came back from a clinic appointment and non-stress test that went really well.  My induction date is tentatively set for this weekend, and we’ll be hearing from my doctor as to whether it will be Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  That will be nice […]

The second baby

Baby, Hope, Life

Yesterday I had my 36-week checkup along with a non-stress test. My mother-in-law picked me up and came with me to the appointment. Everything went smoothly, and we got some good news. Our baby boy was mostly relaxing and sleeping during the non-stress test, so the technician woke him up with a noise buzzer, which […]

A boy!

Baby, Hope, Life, Love

We just came back from the appointment and the detailed ultrasound. The baby is a healthy boy! The growth is right on target, the organs look generally good, and the placenta is a little close to the cervix but not covering it. My husband, our mom and I are all really happy. It feels so […]

A lost pendant

Hope, Life

Yesterday when I came home, I realized that I had lost my stone pendant. It is the engagement gift that my husband gave me, which matches his pendant, the same one that made me feel such a synchronicitous connection to him in the beginning. Upon realizing the pendant and chain that held it were not […]