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Diablo III released

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Diablo III was released yesterday, and just about all the semi-nerdy friends and acquaintances I have are playing it. Many people from Facebook and that I’ve known from other games, and of course my husband and I, have all gotten the game. For me, it wasn’t such a huge deal, since I hadn’t played the […]

Talking to crappy people makes me crappier

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I don’t talk a whole lot. Most people notice right away that I’m rather quiet. It’s one of those things about me that tends to put other people off. But over the years I’ve found it useful. It’s a self-defense mechanism. I’m extremely introverted and judgemental, a combination that pretty much guarantees social pariah status […]



I don’t get angry often, but last night I got rather pissed off. Some silly online game, some silly people, and some silly interpersonal dynamics. Silly of me to care so much. Silly for me to be involved. It took all of my willpower, my self-constraint to not lash out at this person, this kid […]

The healing game

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Healing has forever been a “problem” for video game balance. This is partly why game developers seem to hate healers so much. We upset the balance. Take games without any healing — shooters, action, adventure games. Easy to balance. Damage is predictable and developers do not need to worry about constant recovery from damage. Or […]


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I was agitated and nervous yesterday. C hadn’t sent me a text message since 10 AM, which is before he usually gets to the university. I had sent him several messages with no responses throughout the day. By 3 P.M., I was beginning to worry, the what-if questions circle-buzzing my head like flies. I remember […]

Aesthetic appeals of the light vs. dark

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Last night I read a post that made me laugh inexorably. Apparently the Western Culture is more attracted to Darkness, Evil and Immorality, while it would seem the Eastern Culture tends more toward Purity, Goodness and Morality….then again I don’t know a thing Generally speaking, this is perhaps contemporary Western vs. Eastern cultural aesthetic preferences […]

Valentine’s Day, 2009

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It’s Valentine’s Day. I’m sitting alone in my newly-moved-into studio apartment. I had just gotten back from my friend Jenny’s place, where I was hanging out with her husband and her four kids. She knew that I was recently single, so she invited me over. She and her husband had a pool table, so I […]