A Journey of Hope

At the hospital


I am at the hospital now after some delay, because the hospital rooms had been full this afternoon. They put in an IV, placed the cervidil, hooked me up to monitors, and now it’s just waiting.

I was anxious all day, but I was able to keep distracted. Now that I’m here, it’s like time has slowed down even more. They will leave me alone for 12 hours while the cervidil works.

The room I’m in looks exactly the same as the one I was in with Liam, which gave me some unpleasant flashbacks. When the nurse was hooking up the heartbeat monitor, it took her three tries before Aidan’s heartbeat appeared, which made me freaked and nervous. But then the reassuring sound of his heartbeat filled the room in a steady, galloping rhythm.

I feel somewhat more relaxed now, here in the hospital, where our baby’s heartbeat is continuously monitored, where if something goes wrong, it will be known quickly and something can be done. Soon we will get to meet our baby boy.

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  1. Just keep focused on being given that tiny baby boy for the first time. It will be beautiful! Strength and love to you!!

  2. Sucks to have to wait that much but I’m sure you will forget about it when you have your baby boy with you. :)
    Just be patience and entertain your mind, soon all this anxiety will be a thing of the past.
    Good vibes in your direction.

  3. Good luck, post pics.

  4. I’m sure by now you’ve actually given birth and are recovering. I hope mom and Aidan are doing well. Take care of yourself and your new son.

  5. Hope, you are all in my thoughts. I hope your recovery is going well and I can’t wait to meet Aidan! :) Much peace–

  6. Thank you all! We are doing fine, just super busy!

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