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3 months and back to work

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Aidan is just about 3 months old now, over 13 pounds, and sleeping 6 hours for the first half of the night regularly. He’s increasingly curious about the world, and being more talkative and interactive as well.

I went back to work this week, and my mother-in-law has been taking care of him most of the day. The first day was rough on him, and we could tell he missed me a lot. I also missed him, but being back around adults is nice. My female friends at work are wonderful, and we reconnected right away.

Yesterday I dropped Aidan off at the grandmother home daycare place I had found. She was great, and apparently he was a good boy for the half day that he was there. I am really glad that it’s going to work out, and that he has been in good hands.

It’s going to be a new routine, and it’s all a learning experience, but things are going well. Also, everybody who sees Aidan says he’s cute, which he is!

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  1. I’ll have to keep track of these month to month posts to see what’s in store for us…

    What time did you put him down for the night at this age?

  2. At that age, we didn’t have a regular bedtime. We would often put him to bed way too late (around 9-10pm) because that way he would sleep a little longer and let us sleep more.

  3. Yeah, we’re working on his sleep schedule now. We also have been doing the 9-10PM thing, but we’ve started trying to push that back. I think we’ll be more proactive in putting him to sleep, naps included. We had been so focused on his eating (he had a short period where he had some reflux issues, which he grew out of) that the sleep took second place, which was easy to do since he slept well at night. Oh well…this whole parenthood thing is an exercise in mid-flight corrections…

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